Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The story of Fvair (The First).

I was born among the monks in the snowy mountains of Na'an, several years before the "Great war" event that became the end to countless human souls.

I was born from forbidden love, the holy ones are not supposed to give in to the flesh, unless certain things are prepared for. They had to hide me away in the city, with an old friend of theirs who still had not converted to the religion.

At the age of five, I was still living with Hanai and Grell, they told me I had an older brother who lived with them years before they took me on. Hanai and Grell can not get children because of impotence, on the male side, so they gladly accepted the offshoot from their friends in the temple.

I wasn't really alone, I lived with two other boys and a girl, we shared a big room, and for a time, things were going fine. However we grew, and soon enough, the other three kids would become "expensive" to keep. At the age of 13, they were forced to leave the house and wander elsewhere. I was still at the age of seven when that happened. To me it was tragic, but at the same time I was happy, because I could stay where it was safe, and where I felt at home. That year, I started my legend.

The Legend of Fvair began around springtime, my seventh birthday, and the day I would finally be able to study to become a Monk of the temple. I was very excited to learn.

Each year, there's a ceremony where we all gather in front of the Uminari Lius, and we are granted our acceptance from him, as young schoolars of the religion. That day, something amazing happened.

After the ceremony, Uminari Lius asked me to stay, we shared a few words and he suddenly asked me to stay by his side. He told me, that the purity he saw within my soul was unheard and unseen of, for centuries he had not seen any one as pure.

That year, I spent alot of time with my so called "master". I learned the teaching at a rapid speed, some think, I learned them to fast.

Months passed by, and a visitor came to our city. A "Creature" in the shape of a man, the creature posessed the name of Kin. He told stories of the outside world, how the entire globe was collapsing in bloody and cruel war.

He offered something unspeakable, for us to leave our homes and travel with him, to a distant planet of endless possebileties, he offered us to come with him, to Kynskavion.

It was only me, and seven others who decided to leave Iviaros, for a new beginning. Without violence, war, or hatred. A new dawn awaited us far away, beyond our limited imagination.


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