Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Story of the Vanisher part 1.

I don't remember who I was or where I heir from. Perhaps I wanted to forget my past, perhaps somebody wanted me to forget, or somebody wanted to erase it from my memory completely. All I know is that I woke up with a notice in my right pocket saying "You don't want to know your past". I remember waking up at the local tavern in Middlenight, nobody had seen me entering the tavern, no less renting a room. Since then people have been spreading rumours about me, and they have began reffering to me as "The Vanisher". I don't know exactly how this name came of use. But it has something do with how i just appeared out of nothing. I mean, I must have vanished from some place, to exist here now.

My mysterious nature has attracted alot of attention, especially from the woman around me. I find myself much at ease when talking to them, or rather, they talking to me. Hell, if it wasn't for them I would still only be an empty shell. They fuel me with emotion, anger, hate, love. Just about anything that's on their feeble mind and broken heart they spell it out like there was no tomorrow. I can't say this has made me popular among the other males around. Actually, i'm happy if there's one single night where I don't have to defend myself. Usually i'm saved by the guards, i'm not much of a fighter, neither am i much of a player either, I just enjoy other peoples pure emotions. It's like i feed on them, and without emotions of my own, their emotions became mine.

Or so I would like to think. Of course I never take it to the extremes, I might say that I really do "eat" up their entire spectrum of emotions, but the only thing it really does is put us on the same emotional level, or enables me to counter their emotions with positive feedback. Somehow, woman are suckers for this. Not all, there's at least one who's not. Her name is Vira Gindji, the daughter of Ramon & Mara Gindji of the Adessa trade family. Everytime i'm at the tavern talking to practically every girl there, she just simply passes me by. I'm puzzled over the fact that she's not intrigued by my charm, and therefor she has also become the goal of my dreams. I want her so badly because now I really can not get her. I'm so very distant that every time I see her, my heart skips a beat. Where does this shyness, this uncertainess come from, everytime I see her beutiful face?

Benny Bazoo, the bartender was nice enough to let me stay untill I find a decent job. He's also plenty happy because ever since my appearance, people have been frequenting the place much more. Perhaps because they want to be where the girls are. Never the less, he let's me stay here for free, and I have him to thank for everything up to this point.

After a few days, still living at the tavern, the Woman around me started to notice my fascination by the one woman who did not come to my side. They also started to disregard my attention to theis stories, they closed themselves, away from me. There was a time of sadness however this gave me time to review my situation. If I was ever going to get a chance to talk to this Vira, it would be now. And behold, this came alot easier then expected.

That same night as the woman abandoned me, she walked up to me asking "Are you busy tonight?" I answered honestly "No, i'm free, it seems that i'm not that interesting to people anymore". She smiled, taking a good, long look at me. "Isn't that to be expected? I mean, you don't look very speciel, neither is you, coming here any real news", "true" I told her, "But they shared alot of their problems with me, i thought they were going to keep doing that". She turned away from me "That's what you get if you don't pay attention". And suddenly it all became apparent to me. Of course the woman must have noticed my fascination by Vira, and decided that I was no longer "avaliable".

"I'll give you one thing" Vira said. "Your pretty sweet, the real reason I asked if you were busy was actually because I wanted to talk to you in private". "Sweet?" I thought to myself, I've been called many things but "Sweet?" to me it sounds like a pretty good impression. Anyhow, the thought of it only stayed in my mind long enough to be instantly replaced by "talk with you in private". Without hesitation, I hooked on to the idea, and immidietly, but slowly stood up. I let her lead me to her Tavern room.

"Sweetie, I thought you had forgotten me". Met my ears the instant she locked the door behind me. She walked towards me, and put down the key to the door on the cupbord. I tried to think of a good answer to her, however nothing that made sense came to mind. She reached for something to her right, there was a heart shaped pendant in dark metal that she now wielded in the gentle touch of her hand. "Do you remember this?" she came closer, as if she was about to give me a hug. Paralyzed by a moment of confusion I stood there, aimless. She mounted the necklace around my neck, and the moment the heart shape fell on my chest, I blacked out.

I woke up covered in blood, a few hundred meters outside of Middlenight. My clothing were all ripped to trashes, but I still carried the pendant around my neck. Going to the city covered in blood like this would only rise suspicion of whatever I had been doing out there, confused, but still with my full reasoning abileties functional, I started trying to localise the closest river or lake. It didn't take that long. I was sucsessful washing my clothing to some extent. I spent the major part of that day close to the border of Sylvin waiting for my clothes to dry from the strong winds coming in from Keltrock. And upon the falling twilight, I decided to return to Middlenight.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I became a loyal servant under Duan to be able to get closer to the knowledge that I sough for. Frost convinced me to believe that the only way that Duan would be able to help me, learn the power to ressurect resting spirits, and bind them to bodies would be through helping Duan break free from his realm. First I began performing easy tasks, but as the months passed I was assigned gradually more and more gruesome tasks to perform. I do not wish to speak of these assignments, I don't keep them very high in my pride, quite the conterary. The thought of turning back to "that forest" and end their pain, and end my life as well, as it was meant to be ended, with my people, crossed my mind every time untill the tasks became common, and I had to shut down all my feelings in order to prevail.

It was during the coming weeks that I fell. I forgot my motivation in devotion to my superiors. My goals would never see the light of the day, because they meant nothing to me any more. I fell to the curse of Duan, the trap that I, to present day know was planned for ever since Frost took me into his care. I was now completely under their control, and my memory of whatever came next can only be read about in the history books of the future becuse i'm told not to speak any further.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The story of Fvair ( The Second ).

An angel appeared before me, however it was no normal angel. I knew at that time that Frost was going to irradicate me, and with a body as young as this, i could not resist. It may have been sympathy that finally got to him, for he could not kill an innocent child such as I. Instead, Frost took me in his own care, he even hid my existance from Duan. As Fvair grew and was eventually unable to hide, he was given a new, temporary name from Frost. Narazij, the new name would serve as means to hide my identity for all future.

Frost was nice to me, and therefore I acted as tho I did not know what he once did to my home and my family. He supervised me in combat subjects such as battle tactic, hand to hand, and weapon combat. One fateful day, I wandered around the ashes of what was once my home. Shinevale had truly been incinerated and was now worthy of it's new name.. Duskvale. The forests where my mother and father had been slain had become hunted by the spirits of the war. The energy of the people who died there had been consumed by the roots of the trees and now the trees lived. Like souls trapped in the wooden surface of the trees, at times you can see how faces fade into the bark, it's a terrifying sight, that I hope nobody will ever need to witness.

I came there with clear intentions. I was searching for the tree of my Mother, I needed to speak to her. And tell her, that I was still alive, and that I would resume our research of the forgotten arts, to be able to reattatch the souls of the trees to living bodies again. That I would side with Duan in order to learn the darkest secrets of the world. And to analyse them in order to bring everyone back to life. I finally found my Mothers tree, I don't know exactly what words I spoke, but whatever I said caught her unresting souls attention. She promptly refused. She said it would be better to let the spirrits pass on. She told me to kill her, and all the other trees as well. Naturally I could not do such a thing, she was my mother and once my lover, I turned away from the spot crying out in dispair -I will save you all, just wait for me.

Now I carried a weight heavier then life itself and a responsebility beyond the scope of madness , self inflicted by my own foolishness.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our new village in Shinevale became home to many of our most secretive experiments. Kin disliked our activeties, however due to our close bond he let it go for now. I would not care anyhow, I had since long lost the trust for my old diety.

I found my love in Shinevale, a woman by the name Eevari Felundell, the daughter of the Felundell family that lived here. When her father got to know, he did not like what he heard, in fact, it caused him to move to Sylvin, where he would soon become one of their protectors. Eevari stayed by my side, and we would soon declare ourselves as lovers. It did not take many weeks before Eevari carried the offspring of our child within.

Soon after the baby was born, Duan's apprentice, the fallen angel Frostmorayon attacked our village using fire to burn down the village and the entire forest of Shinevale. I took the baby and Eevari with me and fled to the outer parts of the forest, a safe distance from the fire. We were hunted by goblin soldiers, we knew our time would come soon. In desperation we hid our baby, only three weeks old under an old tree in the forest and then we ran for our lives, hoping somebody would take him on. Chances were slim to none, but bigger then if we would have kept him untill our last moment of life.

The steps were getting closer behind us, we could hear the spears impact upon the groun behind us, next thing I knew I saw a spear coming right through the back of Eevari. I screamed out loud, and continued running for my life. A spear penetrated my right leg, and I stumbled forwards. The next attack would end my life for sure. I shut my eyes, and my mind went completely blank in an instant. Next thing I remember I see myself on the ground, with a spear through my neck. My only thought was to find the baby. I searched through the forest, nobody seemed to take any notice of my existance, or rather, unexistance. I could not care less however.

I found the baby where we hid him, my will for him was to live life and the last help I could give him, was to give my entire self to him. I gave up my soul to save the boy, thus ending my story.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Before we could begin our journey to the planet beyond the stars, we needed certain preparation. We educated ourselves under Kin, to learn the ways of transporting ourselves. Our journey began shortly after three months had passed.

We travelled through the "Grey halls" and witnessed the "Vortex", I remember seeing roots from the grey ceiling above, some kind of growth obviously feeds upon the energy in the room. We could not stay on one place for to long. The Grey halls are dangerous, a place of shapeless demons and the shape of the halls themselves are ever changing. We found the path that led us to the planet of Kynskavion, finally.

There, Kin met another one of his god-like kind. A creature that carried the name of Duan. Duan had already constructed plans on how he would choose to shape the world to his liking. He had already gathered his "followers". Mind you that the followers are close to pure energy with only a minimal will of their own, simply put they follow their emotions and the strongest. Kin, obviously had more power then the rest of the enteties, Duan as well for all that matters. So the followers turned to Kin.

I remember this part in detail because it is here that I started having the first doubts about our new god. To prove himself to the other creatures, Kin ripped the plans from Duan, and simply put Duan in charge of lesser activeties, such as forging the Eastern mountains.

The planet's only big island was shaped into several regions. The snowy mountains of Keltrock, home of the Leotaurs, and the mountain dwellers. The fields of Aeri and Heims field, two vast fields of grass that lie next to each other on each side of a mountain. Heims field occupies alot of the center area of the land, whilist the fields of Aeri occupies the northern part. The eastern forest, beneath the mountains was named Shinevale. Sylvin was forged, not far from Keltrock, with it's vast forest and the beutiful silvertop trees.

This would become my new home, together with the Sylvinkind, an elfish people who settled there eventually. I asked Kin, if it was not possible for to become one of the Sylvinkind through blood? Kin helped me with the transformation, however Duan had other plans. I don't fully know what happened, but I became hungry for power, corrupted. I started researching for ways to tap into the Vortex for yet unknown reasons, curiousity, and stupidity, are only two reasons of many.

Because of Duans actions, Kin acted, and created a vast prison plane, and banned Duan into an eternity of beeing captured. However Duan had already such a firm grasp on some of the elements of the world that even if his physical self had left, his phyche could still have an impact. Through his connections he was able to befriend the now fallen angel Nikolaus Fromzt, who would become his commander and right hand. But there was still many years before they would ever be able to pose a real threat.

It would however pass a few years before the curse which Duan had forced upon me could manifest itself enough. I left Sylvin and gathered only the ones who believed in me. We moved to Shinevale, in order to conduct our experiments and our research withuout the inerruption of those who think nature should not be dabbled with.

We became "The first Exiles".
The story of Fvair (The First).

I was born among the monks in the snowy mountains of Na'an, several years before the "Great war" event that became the end to countless human souls.

I was born from forbidden love, the holy ones are not supposed to give in to the flesh, unless certain things are prepared for. They had to hide me away in the city, with an old friend of theirs who still had not converted to the religion.

At the age of five, I was still living with Hanai and Grell, they told me I had an older brother who lived with them years before they took me on. Hanai and Grell can not get children because of impotence, on the male side, so they gladly accepted the offshoot from their friends in the temple.

I wasn't really alone, I lived with two other boys and a girl, we shared a big room, and for a time, things were going fine. However we grew, and soon enough, the other three kids would become "expensive" to keep. At the age of 13, they were forced to leave the house and wander elsewhere. I was still at the age of seven when that happened. To me it was tragic, but at the same time I was happy, because I could stay where it was safe, and where I felt at home. That year, I started my legend.

The Legend of Fvair began around springtime, my seventh birthday, and the day I would finally be able to study to become a Monk of the temple. I was very excited to learn.

Each year, there's a ceremony where we all gather in front of the Uminari Lius, and we are granted our acceptance from him, as young schoolars of the religion. That day, something amazing happened.

After the ceremony, Uminari Lius asked me to stay, we shared a few words and he suddenly asked me to stay by his side. He told me, that the purity he saw within my soul was unheard and unseen of, for centuries he had not seen any one as pure.

That year, I spent alot of time with my so called "master". I learned the teaching at a rapid speed, some think, I learned them to fast.

Months passed by, and a visitor came to our city. A "Creature" in the shape of a man, the creature posessed the name of Kin. He told stories of the outside world, how the entire globe was collapsing in bloody and cruel war.

He offered something unspeakable, for us to leave our homes and travel with him, to a distant planet of endless possebileties, he offered us to come with him, to Kynskavion.

It was only me, and seven others who decided to leave Iviaros, for a new beginning. Without violence, war, or hatred. A new dawn awaited us far away, beyond our limited imagination.