Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Before we could begin our journey to the planet beyond the stars, we needed certain preparation. We educated ourselves under Kin, to learn the ways of transporting ourselves. Our journey began shortly after three months had passed.

We travelled through the "Grey halls" and witnessed the "Vortex", I remember seeing roots from the grey ceiling above, some kind of growth obviously feeds upon the energy in the room. We could not stay on one place for to long. The Grey halls are dangerous, a place of shapeless demons and the shape of the halls themselves are ever changing. We found the path that led us to the planet of Kynskavion, finally.

There, Kin met another one of his god-like kind. A creature that carried the name of Duan. Duan had already constructed plans on how he would choose to shape the world to his liking. He had already gathered his "followers". Mind you that the followers are close to pure energy with only a minimal will of their own, simply put they follow their emotions and the strongest. Kin, obviously had more power then the rest of the enteties, Duan as well for all that matters. So the followers turned to Kin.

I remember this part in detail because it is here that I started having the first doubts about our new god. To prove himself to the other creatures, Kin ripped the plans from Duan, and simply put Duan in charge of lesser activeties, such as forging the Eastern mountains.

The planet's only big island was shaped into several regions. The snowy mountains of Keltrock, home of the Leotaurs, and the mountain dwellers. The fields of Aeri and Heims field, two vast fields of grass that lie next to each other on each side of a mountain. Heims field occupies alot of the center area of the land, whilist the fields of Aeri occupies the northern part. The eastern forest, beneath the mountains was named Shinevale. Sylvin was forged, not far from Keltrock, with it's vast forest and the beutiful silvertop trees.

This would become my new home, together with the Sylvinkind, an elfish people who settled there eventually. I asked Kin, if it was not possible for to become one of the Sylvinkind through blood? Kin helped me with the transformation, however Duan had other plans. I don't fully know what happened, but I became hungry for power, corrupted. I started researching for ways to tap into the Vortex for yet unknown reasons, curiousity, and stupidity, are only two reasons of many.

Because of Duans actions, Kin acted, and created a vast prison plane, and banned Duan into an eternity of beeing captured. However Duan had already such a firm grasp on some of the elements of the world that even if his physical self had left, his phyche could still have an impact. Through his connections he was able to befriend the now fallen angel Nikolaus Fromzt, who would become his commander and right hand. But there was still many years before they would ever be able to pose a real threat.

It would however pass a few years before the curse which Duan had forced upon me could manifest itself enough. I left Sylvin and gathered only the ones who believed in me. We moved to Shinevale, in order to conduct our experiments and our research withuout the inerruption of those who think nature should not be dabbled with.

We became "The first Exiles".


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