Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our new village in Shinevale became home to many of our most secretive experiments. Kin disliked our activeties, however due to our close bond he let it go for now. I would not care anyhow, I had since long lost the trust for my old diety.

I found my love in Shinevale, a woman by the name Eevari Felundell, the daughter of the Felundell family that lived here. When her father got to know, he did not like what he heard, in fact, it caused him to move to Sylvin, where he would soon become one of their protectors. Eevari stayed by my side, and we would soon declare ourselves as lovers. It did not take many weeks before Eevari carried the offspring of our child within.

Soon after the baby was born, Duan's apprentice, the fallen angel Frostmorayon attacked our village using fire to burn down the village and the entire forest of Shinevale. I took the baby and Eevari with me and fled to the outer parts of the forest, a safe distance from the fire. We were hunted by goblin soldiers, we knew our time would come soon. In desperation we hid our baby, only three weeks old under an old tree in the forest and then we ran for our lives, hoping somebody would take him on. Chances were slim to none, but bigger then if we would have kept him untill our last moment of life.

The steps were getting closer behind us, we could hear the spears impact upon the groun behind us, next thing I knew I saw a spear coming right through the back of Eevari. I screamed out loud, and continued running for my life. A spear penetrated my right leg, and I stumbled forwards. The next attack would end my life for sure. I shut my eyes, and my mind went completely blank in an instant. Next thing I remember I see myself on the ground, with a spear through my neck. My only thought was to find the baby. I searched through the forest, nobody seemed to take any notice of my existance, or rather, unexistance. I could not care less however.

I found the baby where we hid him, my will for him was to live life and the last help I could give him, was to give my entire self to him. I gave up my soul to save the boy, thus ending my story.


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