Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Story of the Vanisher part 1.

I don't remember who I was or where I heir from. Perhaps I wanted to forget my past, perhaps somebody wanted me to forget, or somebody wanted to erase it from my memory completely. All I know is that I woke up with a notice in my right pocket saying "You don't want to know your past". I remember waking up at the local tavern in Middlenight, nobody had seen me entering the tavern, no less renting a room. Since then people have been spreading rumours about me, and they have began reffering to me as "The Vanisher". I don't know exactly how this name came of use. But it has something do with how i just appeared out of nothing. I mean, I must have vanished from some place, to exist here now.

My mysterious nature has attracted alot of attention, especially from the woman around me. I find myself much at ease when talking to them, or rather, they talking to me. Hell, if it wasn't for them I would still only be an empty shell. They fuel me with emotion, anger, hate, love. Just about anything that's on their feeble mind and broken heart they spell it out like there was no tomorrow. I can't say this has made me popular among the other males around. Actually, i'm happy if there's one single night where I don't have to defend myself. Usually i'm saved by the guards, i'm not much of a fighter, neither am i much of a player either, I just enjoy other peoples pure emotions. It's like i feed on them, and without emotions of my own, their emotions became mine.

Or so I would like to think. Of course I never take it to the extremes, I might say that I really do "eat" up their entire spectrum of emotions, but the only thing it really does is put us on the same emotional level, or enables me to counter their emotions with positive feedback. Somehow, woman are suckers for this. Not all, there's at least one who's not. Her name is Vira Gindji, the daughter of Ramon & Mara Gindji of the Adessa trade family. Everytime i'm at the tavern talking to practically every girl there, she just simply passes me by. I'm puzzled over the fact that she's not intrigued by my charm, and therefor she has also become the goal of my dreams. I want her so badly because now I really can not get her. I'm so very distant that every time I see her, my heart skips a beat. Where does this shyness, this uncertainess come from, everytime I see her beutiful face?

Benny Bazoo, the bartender was nice enough to let me stay untill I find a decent job. He's also plenty happy because ever since my appearance, people have been frequenting the place much more. Perhaps because they want to be where the girls are. Never the less, he let's me stay here for free, and I have him to thank for everything up to this point.

After a few days, still living at the tavern, the Woman around me started to notice my fascination by the one woman who did not come to my side. They also started to disregard my attention to theis stories, they closed themselves, away from me. There was a time of sadness however this gave me time to review my situation. If I was ever going to get a chance to talk to this Vira, it would be now. And behold, this came alot easier then expected.

That same night as the woman abandoned me, she walked up to me asking "Are you busy tonight?" I answered honestly "No, i'm free, it seems that i'm not that interesting to people anymore". She smiled, taking a good, long look at me. "Isn't that to be expected? I mean, you don't look very speciel, neither is you, coming here any real news", "true" I told her, "But they shared alot of their problems with me, i thought they were going to keep doing that". She turned away from me "That's what you get if you don't pay attention". And suddenly it all became apparent to me. Of course the woman must have noticed my fascination by Vira, and decided that I was no longer "avaliable".

"I'll give you one thing" Vira said. "Your pretty sweet, the real reason I asked if you were busy was actually because I wanted to talk to you in private". "Sweet?" I thought to myself, I've been called many things but "Sweet?" to me it sounds like a pretty good impression. Anyhow, the thought of it only stayed in my mind long enough to be instantly replaced by "talk with you in private". Without hesitation, I hooked on to the idea, and immidietly, but slowly stood up. I let her lead me to her Tavern room.

"Sweetie, I thought you had forgotten me". Met my ears the instant she locked the door behind me. She walked towards me, and put down the key to the door on the cupbord. I tried to think of a good answer to her, however nothing that made sense came to mind. She reached for something to her right, there was a heart shaped pendant in dark metal that she now wielded in the gentle touch of her hand. "Do you remember this?" she came closer, as if she was about to give me a hug. Paralyzed by a moment of confusion I stood there, aimless. She mounted the necklace around my neck, and the moment the heart shape fell on my chest, I blacked out.

I woke up covered in blood, a few hundred meters outside of Middlenight. My clothing were all ripped to trashes, but I still carried the pendant around my neck. Going to the city covered in blood like this would only rise suspicion of whatever I had been doing out there, confused, but still with my full reasoning abileties functional, I started trying to localise the closest river or lake. It didn't take that long. I was sucsessful washing my clothing to some extent. I spent the major part of that day close to the border of Sylvin waiting for my clothes to dry from the strong winds coming in from Keltrock. And upon the falling twilight, I decided to return to Middlenight.


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