Sunday, October 22, 2006

I became a loyal servant under Duan to be able to get closer to the knowledge that I sough for. Frost convinced me to believe that the only way that Duan would be able to help me, learn the power to ressurect resting spirits, and bind them to bodies would be through helping Duan break free from his realm. First I began performing easy tasks, but as the months passed I was assigned gradually more and more gruesome tasks to perform. I do not wish to speak of these assignments, I don't keep them very high in my pride, quite the conterary. The thought of turning back to "that forest" and end their pain, and end my life as well, as it was meant to be ended, with my people, crossed my mind every time untill the tasks became common, and I had to shut down all my feelings in order to prevail.

It was during the coming weeks that I fell. I forgot my motivation in devotion to my superiors. My goals would never see the light of the day, because they meant nothing to me any more. I fell to the curse of Duan, the trap that I, to present day know was planned for ever since Frost took me into his care. I was now completely under their control, and my memory of whatever came next can only be read about in the history books of the future becuse i'm told not to speak any further.


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