Saturday, October 21, 2006

The story of Fvair ( The Second ).

An angel appeared before me, however it was no normal angel. I knew at that time that Frost was going to irradicate me, and with a body as young as this, i could not resist. It may have been sympathy that finally got to him, for he could not kill an innocent child such as I. Instead, Frost took me in his own care, he even hid my existance from Duan. As Fvair grew and was eventually unable to hide, he was given a new, temporary name from Frost. Narazij, the new name would serve as means to hide my identity for all future.

Frost was nice to me, and therefore I acted as tho I did not know what he once did to my home and my family. He supervised me in combat subjects such as battle tactic, hand to hand, and weapon combat. One fateful day, I wandered around the ashes of what was once my home. Shinevale had truly been incinerated and was now worthy of it's new name.. Duskvale. The forests where my mother and father had been slain had become hunted by the spirits of the war. The energy of the people who died there had been consumed by the roots of the trees and now the trees lived. Like souls trapped in the wooden surface of the trees, at times you can see how faces fade into the bark, it's a terrifying sight, that I hope nobody will ever need to witness.

I came there with clear intentions. I was searching for the tree of my Mother, I needed to speak to her. And tell her, that I was still alive, and that I would resume our research of the forgotten arts, to be able to reattatch the souls of the trees to living bodies again. That I would side with Duan in order to learn the darkest secrets of the world. And to analyse them in order to bring everyone back to life. I finally found my Mothers tree, I don't know exactly what words I spoke, but whatever I said caught her unresting souls attention. She promptly refused. She said it would be better to let the spirrits pass on. She told me to kill her, and all the other trees as well. Naturally I could not do such a thing, she was my mother and once my lover, I turned away from the spot crying out in dispair -I will save you all, just wait for me.

Now I carried a weight heavier then life itself and a responsebility beyond the scope of madness , self inflicted by my own foolishness.


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